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Registered Icelandic Sheep

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~Registered Icelandic Sheep~ 

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Icelandic Sheep at Green Heart Farm

Our First Lamb of 2017 Arrives!

Tasha and her Ewe Lamb 2017

We’re celebrating the official beginning of Lambing Season here at Green Heart!  Tasha and Calamus are the proud parents of a 12+ pound ewe lamb born around midnight last night.  She’s Black Solid for color and pattern and has strong milking genetics and her sire is a Grabotni grandson.  We’ll have lambs from about 15 more ewes and 3 unrelated sires this spring!!  We are accepting deposits for breedstock quality lambs now.  Contact us for more information.


We are a member of these organizations:


Northeast Organic Farming Association of Vermont

Vermont Sheep and Goat Association

United Plant Savers

Northeast Herbal Association


We raise purebred and registered Icelandic Sheep on lush pasture and quality hay.

At Green Heart Farm, we are committed to fostering and maintaining a deep connection with, and respect for, all Beings whether human, animal, plant, or seemingly inanimate (like the amazing stone beings that live on this land).  Our farm and center are a culmination of a lifelong journey and dream of living in harmony with the land, feeding and being fed by each other, creating and nurturing Community with opportunities to learn, grow and heal via a connection to each other and nature.  This is in-line with our commitment to compassionately and holistically raise 100% grass fed purebred Icelandic sheep.  This truly triple purpose breed offers deliciously tender and mild flavored meat, luxurious wool for clothing and crafts, along with rich and delicious milk.  We free range Heritage Breed Chickens for eggs (and occasionally have eggs available for sale), nurture herbs & plants for medicine & food, all while focused on the intention of working toward balance and harmony with community and land.  The Retreat Center is a co-creative healing, learning and growing partnership with nature and humanity offering fertile ground for these endeavors.  We focus on connecting with nature, encouraging self-reflection and healing through that connection with a strong influence of Native Peoples spirituality.


Green Heart Farm and Retreat Center