Rams at Green Heart Farm, Vermont, VT, Icelandic Sheep
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Registered Icelandic Sheep

Icelandic Breeding Rams

We have three top quality and unrelated breeding rams this year.

You can read a little about our Icelandic Rams below from our 2017 Lambing season. We focus on breeding for parasite resistance first as that quality affects all others in our opinion. From there we look at pairing rams with ewes for solid conformation, quality fleece, and good growth rates in their lambs. Click on the ram’s name for registration and pedigree information.  Please check back for our Sire lineup for the 2017 Fall Breeding Season (lambs in spring 2018).

Icelandic RamDatura – KFM 429D – Twin – Born: 4/14/16 ~ Datura is a gorgeous Black Badgerface we brought in this fall from Knoll Farm.  He has gorgeous fleece and strong, correct conformation.  He comes from strong parasite resistant genetics which is another high priority on our farm for our breedstock.  Datura is Black for color and carries Moorit. He is Badgerface for pattern and carries Solid. He also carries the Spotting factor.  He was bred to seven ewes this fall.  We are super excited to see these lambs in the spring!

Icelandic Rams

Calamus – CFM 07C B5H – Calamus is an AI Grabotni grandson who also carries 1/8 Kani from his Dam’s side. He is a gorgeous yearling with solid conformation. His dam is one of our most solid ewes who grows vigorous twins each year. Calamus bred seven of our ewes last fall and gave us fabulous lambs this spring. He shows excellent parasite resistance and we expect that trait in his lambs as well. See our lamb page to view his offspring.

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Francesco – JEH M5H – Born 4/15 ~ Francesco is a solid yearling ram we brought in this year from another Vermont organic farm.  We love his conformation and hornset.  He has excellent parasite resistance and has never had to be dewormed.  He is a solid moorit (brown) and carries spotting.  We paired him with seven ewes and can’t wait to see his lambs this spring.