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Registered Icelandic Sheep

Past Breeding Rams

We selected the best of our lambs for breeding rams this year. We used one yearling ram, three farm born and raised ram lambs, and one AI ram lamb we bought this fall for breeding our 36 ewes. You can read a little about our Icelandic Rams below. We focus on breeding for parasite resistance first as that quality affects all others in our opinion. From there we look at pairing rams with ewes for solid conformation, quality fleece, and good growth rates in their lambs. Click on the ram’s number for registration and pedigree information.

Arnica KTB 503A 01H  Born: 4/4/13 Sire:  Frelsi 743Y AI Ram (Goli) Dam: KTB 408Z AI Ewe (Grabotni)


Arnica – KTB 503A 01H – Born: 4/4/13 Sire: Frelsi 743Y AI Ram (Goli) Dam: KTB 408Z AI Ewe (Grabotni)

Arnica was one of our first breeding rams. He has the most perfect horns and that great Grabotni stocky build and one of the best ram temperaments; he is really easy to manage. He is an AI Grabotni and Goli Grandson with Laekur genetics on his dam side as well. He has some really nice AI genetics. He is heterozygous white with solid being his other pattern. We know he carries black for color, but we’re not sure about moorit. He is a fine ram who has grown out nicely in his second year. He too had a great spring fleece which is always surprising on a ram going through a New England winter!

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Dante DL 464T M2H  Born: 5/2/07 Sire: DL 101R Dam: DL 42P (Bea)



Dante – DL 464T M2H– Born: 5/2/07  Sire: DL 101R Dam: DL 42P (Bea)

Dante is a moorit grey twin out of Beatrice DL-42K (Kani granddaughter) a great milker and mom. His sire was Seigfried DL-101R (Flotti grandson) by Freida FFC-089K. Dante has very wide horns, is long bodied and has an overall correct build. He’s a very handsome ram. He’s sired great lambs and he’s got a nice personality too.  



Dakota -TCE 689Y 01H – This wonderful boy AI Raftur son is a handsome solid ram with a stocky build and a sweet personality. His Dam is an AI Grani daughter so Dakota carries some of the best AI genetics currently coming out of Iceland. He’s white and carries moorit for color and grey for pattern.

Raftur Sire Description from Iceland: Raftur is horned and homozygous white. Vigorous head with good horn curving. Thick and well-muscled neck and shoulders, good rib shape. Superb back muscling and excellent rump and leg muscling. Very vigorous and muscled ram. Tan on head and tan fibers in the fleece. Rather fine thog and wool quantity little below average.

Raftur was progeny tested at Hestur exp. farm. His progenies are exceptionally lean with great muscle thickness resulting in excellent meat grading. Raftur combines the qualities of his ancestors, Lodi 00-871 and Gari 02-904, with tremendous results. Raftur is most likely the best Icelandic breeding ram so far.

Raftur’s daughters are very prolific with good milking abilities. Carcass grading 121, leanness 138, MQI 131, daughters are fertile 109 and milky 104. Ultrasound 2006: Eye muscle thickness 40 mm, back fat thickness 2,8 mm, muscle shape 5,0.

Grani Description from Iceland:
Grani has great carcass scores on his lambs: grading 120, leanness 123 and MQI 129. His daughters are fertile 111 and very milky 108.



Gabriel – DL 889Y B2H – Gabriel is an AI Grabotni son and AI Kani grandson. His Dam is Greta, DL 516N, an AI Kani daughter who out-produced all the Icelandic ewes in the parlor (Dancing Lamb Farm and Sheep Dairy) and has had many sets of twins and triplets. She’s a beautiful badgerface with fleece that was still lovely at 9 years old.

Grabotni Sire Description from Iceland: Grey mouflon with vigorous head and good horn curving. Broad, round shaped and very muscular shoulders. Very good rib shape. Broad and strong back and very muscular rump. Extremely good and well-shaped leg muscles. Strong and well placed feet. Longbodied and vigorous looking ram. Even and good grey color. Average wool quantity. Thick and even thel but short thog with variable fineness.
Grabotni was brought to Southram because of very good results from his birth farm. His progenies have proved to have very thick eye muscle, leanness and superb gigot muscling resulting in very good carcass grading.
Grabotni has very few daughter records yet but so far they have proven to be prolific with good milking abilities. Carcass grading 130, leanness 126 and MQI 128. Daughters are fertile 117 and milky 109.




Jasper – DL 937Z B2H Jasper is a well-built ram out of Munkur (DL894Y), who was probably the best farm bred ram at Dancing Lamb. Jasper has lovely fleece and great horns and he carries moorit and spotting. He is also a well-tempered ram who is easy to handle. Jasper has thrown very nice lambs last year and as a ram-lamb. He carries Aboti, Flotti and Kani genetics. 



Leif – DL 178A M2H Leif is a gorgeous moorit grey ram (who carries spotting) also out of Munkur. He threw great lambs as a ram-lamb last year and we’re happy to be breeding him again this year. He is well built with very good fleece and horns. He is out of milky lines on both sides. Leif carries Aboti, Flotti and Kani genetics.