Pork cuts for sale from Green Heart Farm
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Registered Icelandic Sheep



We raise our pigs on pasture, woods, and supplement with local certified organic feed specifically formulated for pigs.  We do not vaccinate, use antibiotics, or chemical anthelmentics.  We manage our pigs by providing 24/7 foraging opportunities, herbal supplements, and a healthy, happy environment.  Although our pork is not certified organic, our fields and woods are 100% chemical free (our grass fed animals fertilize our pastures and woods; we never use herbicides or pesticides on our land).  Our pigs are processed at a Certified Humane Handling USDA inspected facility in Vermont and all cuts are packaged in vacuum sealed cryovac packages and immediately frozen in sub-zero freezers.  You can rest assured you are getting the highest quality and safest meat, from our small family farm to you and your family.  


Varieties of Pork Cuts For Sale – 

Ground Pork – $8.50 – Sold Out

Fresh Ham Hock – $7.50

Uncured Bacon – $12.00 (per package) Sold Out

Loin Chops (Boneless) – $15.50

Rib or Sirloin Chops (Bone-In) $14.50

Country Style Ribs – $9.75

Baby Back Ribs – $14.75 – Sold Out 

Tenderloin – $19.75

Pork Sirloin Roast – $13.75

Spare Ribs – $9.75 – Sold Out

Shoulder Roast – $9.75

Sausage Ground – Nitrate and Nitrite free (Breakfast, Sweet or Hot Italian) – $8.75

Contact us for availability of cuts:

Call 802-885-1792 or Email Cynthia


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