Lamb Cuts For Sale from Green Heart Farm
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Registered Icelandic Sheep


Individual Lamb Cuts, Whole Lambs, or Variety Boxes For Sale




Variety Cuts Box – A 10 or 20 pound variety pack of lamb cuts. A great way to try out several cuts and get a discount on the per pound cost of individual cuts.  (Averages $12-14/pound)  Contact us if you’d like to put one of these boxes together.

Reserve a Fall Freezer Lamb – The best way to save money and enjoy the benefits of this healthy and delicious red meat.  Reserve a whole lamb this fall and choose your own cuts.  We drop off at our USDA processor and you pick up.  You pay just $12/pound hanging weight.  A $100 non-refundable deposit reserves your lamb.  Email or Call Cynthia to reserve or for more details.  UPDATE:  We only have a couple of fall lambs left at this point.  Be sure to reserve soon!

Our 100% grass-fed Icelandic Lamb comes from our animals born and raised here on the farm. They stay on pasture with their mothers throughout the summer and fall without forced weaning and graze on completely chemical free pastures. The meat is lean, mild in flavor and with a deliciously fine texture. Although our meat is not certified organic, we are committed to naturally and organically raising our animals without chemical inputs (antibiotics or anthelmintics), supplementing only with organic herbs, minerals, kelp, and salt.  We do not practice prophylactic deworming and only use a conventional dewormer if absolutely necessary. 

Individually Packaged Lamb/Sheep Cuts:

Ground – $13.00/lb  Very Limited

Stew Meat – $13.00/lb  Sold Out

Shank – $12.00/lb  Sold Out

Loin Chops – $15.50/lb  Sold Out

Rib Chops – $15.50/lb  Sold Out

Shoulder Blade Chops – $12.75/lb  Sold Out

Leg, Bone-In – $13.75/lb

Leg, Boneless – $14.75/lb

Leg Steaks – $13.75/lb  Sold Out

Loin Roast – $19.75/lb

Rack – $19.75/lb  Sold Out

Shoulder Roast – $12.75  

Montreal Sausage – $14.75/lb

Shepherd’s Herb Sausage – $14.75/lb

Liver, Kidney, Heart, or Tongue – $5.75/lb

Contact us for availability of individual cuts, half or whole lambs – Call 802-885-1792 or Email Cynthia

Come see us at the Hartland Farmer’s Market every Friday from 4-7 pm

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